About Us

Newly established, welcome to Nannies in Your Neighborhood. Created with one thing in mind, to provide the absolute best nanny for families in the Over the Mountain and Birmingham areas.  Nannies in your Neighborhood takes the leg-work out of securing the perfect nanny for families in need. They manage the application process, background checks, requirements and family requests to best match a nanny and family.

What you should know about Cella Jones, CEO and Owner…. she is one motivated lady!  More importantly, the source of what drives her has always been caring for others. From a very young age, Cella was a born caregiver. She loved nothing more than taking care of babies. And children. She started babysitting as soon as she was big enough to lift a baby! Moms called her “the baby whisperer”. 

After years of nannying for some wonderful families, Cella decided to start her own business to assist families in finding the perfect nanny. She understands the importance of a well-matched nanny and family. A safe, caring, respectful relationship for all is the ideal situation she strives to create.  She knows what to look for in a true caregiver and welcoming family. A long-time, dream has come to fruition as Cella launches this business. Her education at Troy University has prepared her to make this entrepreneurial move.

What you should know about Missy Jones, Business Manager… a mother of three grown children and nanny herself, Missy joins Nannies in Your Neighborhood with professional childcare and business experience. A graduate of Birmingham Southern College with a degree in Human Resource Management, she brings development and management direction with the knowledge of the importance of exceptional personal care to this team.