Family Placement Process

Step One – Family Consultation Form

We believe in getting to know each of our families so that we can place a nanny with the traits, qualities, and requirements that are most important to your family. Our Family Consultation Form helps us learn more about what you are looking for in your perfect Nanny!

Step Two – Accepting 

We will consult with you over the phone or on Zoom to get to know YOU better. We walk you through what to expect during your time working with Nannies In Your Neighborhood and answer any questions you may have. We will also provide you with resources on your responsibilities as an employer and to make interviewing & hiring easier. 

Step Three – Family Application Fee & Family Contract

After we have answered any and all questions you may have, you will sign our Family Contract and pay our $300 non-refundable application fee. Once we have received both, we will move forward in the search to find your perfect nanny. 

Step Four – Nanny Search

We will take all of the great information we have gathered about your Family’s wants and needs to begin curating a list of nanny applicants for your family. Once we have screened the applicants, we send over the top candidates for your specific family. 

Step Five – Interviews

We coordinate and schedule interviews with our top candidates in the comfort of your home. This is your chance to connect with and learn about the different candidates we have offered to see who will be the best fit for your family. After the interview process, we will follow up with both you and the candidates for detailed feedback. 

Step Six – Agreement and Hire

Now for the exciting part – you have your perfect candidate and it is time to make the job offer! Once the nanny accepts the position, we will get to work on your Nanny / Family Agreement. This agreement is the foundation to a successful placement. We will be a part of the entire negotiation process. We will go back and forth between you and the nanny until all parties agree and the Agreement is signed. ** We will connect you with our GTM Payroll Rep if needed. ** Once the Agreement has been signed by both parties, your nanny is ready for their first day!