Paying Your Nanny

At Nannies In Your Neighborhood we take pride in helping families navigate how to pay their Nanny legally. According to the IRS, nannies are legally required to be given a W-2 because they work in your home, follow your directions, and are scheduled for the hours that you need them. You, the employer, can choose to pay your Nanny as a W-2 Employee through a professional payroll service or manage the withholdings yourself. We highly suggest using a Payroll Company that is the best fit for your family. 

Still feeling stressed? 

Nannies In Your Neighborhood has partnered with GTM Payroll Services to help make taxes easier for you! GTM Payroll is a full-service nanny payroll and tax company with 30 years of experience. For more information on GTM Payroll services, please visit the link below.

Need help doing the math for Nanny taxes?

We have got you covered! Please feel free to use this tool as a guide to estimate what your Nanny will bring home after taxes and what your tax liability may be each payroll period.